Special flight brings back stranded Pakistanis from Tripoli | Pakistan Today

Special flight brings back stranded Pakistanis from Tripoli

A special chartered flight left Tripoli on Tuesday morning to bring back hundreds of stranded Pakistanis to Lahore.

According to Foreign Office, this is the fourth special flight organised thus far to evacuate Pakistanis from Libya where security situation has deteriorated rapidly in the last few months following the commencement of hostilities among rival militias.

Thousands of Pakistanis were displaced trying to flee from the rampant violence and have got stranded. To provide relief to these compatriots, Pakistan Embassy in Tripoli has set up various relief camps presently housing over 3,000 nationals.

Besides three PIA flights already operated, special chartered flights have now been arranged, since the commencement of Hajj season has limited PIA’s ability to operate flights to Libya.

The embassy in Tripoli has devised a transparent registration mechanism to queue up the stranded Pakistanis for the ongoing chartered flights, which are likely to run on a daily basis during the next 10 days.

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