Nation’s expectation


The continuing imbroglio between govt and protesters of PTI and Tahirul Qadri has some lessons for the nation. The protesters’ reaction when confronted by army troops is distinct from that when they faced police. Whereas the protesters are infuriated on the very sight of invading policemen they disperse peacefully when tactfully confronted by army soldiers. This shows complete breakdown of police control of crowds. As such there is an important clue emerging from crowd behaviour that police looks like showing red rag to the bull.

Therefore police ought to be removed from the sight of protesters to solve the tussle between the crowds and so called law enforcing agencies. Only the deployment of army can solve the sordid problem of ongoing pitched battles between police and charged crowds of protesters. Only the army can save the day at present because no amount of dialogue between the protesters and representatives of govt would be of any benefit as experienced each day. A complete reversal of policies is needed by making the role of army more visible rather than police centric to create a fruitful solution of the present confrontation.