The clarion call


And united they stand to defend the system, except Khan and Qadri

For the first time in Pakistan’s history the Parliament has spoken loud and clear in support of an elected government under threat from powerful quarters. The message delivered by one speaker after another was that whosoever tried to remove the government would face a countrywide resistance from all parliamentary parties across the political spectrum.

There was a consensus among the speakers that the attacks by PTI and PAT’s activists on buildings housing the state institutions were acts of rebellion. Political activists, it was maintained, do not fight police with batons, slingshots, axes and hammers, nor do they bring cranes to remove containers and trucks to break open the gates of the state institutions. A number of speakers criticised the government for not ordering police to disperse the unruly mobs with non-lethal gadgets used for mob control. Uneasy questions were bound to be raised, it was pointed out, when the same protesters who viciously attacked police welcomed the army personnel. Also when the army told the government not to use force but did not condemn violence by protestors.

A number of legislators accused the PML-N leadership of arrogance and high-handedness, citing the barbarous Model Town killings. The PML-N’s attitude towards the Opposition was also subjected to criticism. Despite the differences they were united for the defence of the system.

The PTI dissident Javed Hashmi who is still the party’s President came to the sitting despite having offered resignation from his seat to reaffirm his allegiance to the constitution and commitment to the Parliament. Two PTI MNAs have already returned to the NA defying their party’s policy. This should be demoralising for Imran Khan whose party stands isolated. Even his coalition partners in KP do not support his policy of confrontation. The legislators who spoke on Tuesday belonged to all the four provinces. Any misconceived attempt by anyone to remove the government or dismiss the Parliament unconstitutionally will cause more strife and harm the country.


  1. too many allharaams naapak politicians -UNITE N FIGHT TRAITORS TERRORS IMRANKHAN QUADRI FIRANGIGULAMS ..
    ITS NOW OR NEVER !!!!!!!!!!

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