Stubbornness of ruling, protesting parties behind mess: Asma Jehangir

  • SCBA member says she does not support ‘unconstitutional steps in the name of democratic rights’, suggests non-violent resolution of political turmoil


Terming the ongoing political developments in the country a “part of a pre-planned script”, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) member Asma Jehangir has said that democracy in the country was breathing its last due the situation created by stubbornness of ruling and protesting political parties.

In an interview with private TV channel on Monday, Asma expressed suspicion over the permission granted to protesters to enter Red Zone.

“I don’t consider Imran Khan as a political leader,” Asma said, commenting over Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief’s political acumen.

Moreover, she said that she was not in favour of pushing out protestors from the federal capital by use of force. Constitutional and legal means should be adopted for the purpose, she suggested.

However, she added that if such protests were held in any developed country such as US or UK, the protestors would have been put behind the bars.

Vowing to resist any move which could derail democracy, the SCBA member also said that unconstitutional steps in the name of “democratic rights” could not be supported.


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