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No retreat, no surrender, says Imran Khan

  • PTI chief sticks to demand of PM’s resignation for transparent probe into rigging
  • Says PTI MPs to attend Parliament’s session for the last time to voice concerns
  • PTI chief says ‘deeply hurt’ byJaved Hashmi’s allegations as he was not following dictation of army or judiciary

Reiterating his unwavering resolve to not step back without making the prime minister step down, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Tuesday showed a tinge of inclination towards political negotiation saying that his lawmakers, who had earlier quit their seats in the Parliament, will attend their “last” National Assembly session today (Wednesday) to voice their concerns – a move which can possibly take the violent confrontation a step closer to the field of political dialogue.

Returning to the sit-in venue in the capital’s Red Zone after six hours, the PTI chief made straight to the top of his container and addressed the protesters concerned for him.

The PTI chief also told PTI’s MNAs led by Shah Mehmood Qureshi to go and “have a blast” on their last day in assembly by responding to the government’s charge sheet against PTI “point by point”. “We will tell in the assembly who is with the Parliament and who is against it,” he said.


Moreover, rubbishing PTI President Javed Hashmi’s claims, Khan denounced the claims of any association with judges, however saying that he had met Justice Nasirul Mulk. “He is a nice personality. I respect him a lot,” he added.

Jettisoning Hashmi’s assertions as “worthless”, the PTI chief underlined that he was controlled by none but his ideology.

Alluding to Hashmi’s volley of accusations, Khan denounced the efforts to malign and cast aspersions on Pakistan Army, observing that he “does not need other’s shoulders to seek entry into the corridors of power”.

“I have great respect for Hashmi, who remained many years in jail for his ideology against a dictator. If he had the lust for power, he would have been in power a long ago,” he however agreed.

Khan also lashed out at JUI-F’s Fazlur Rehman and PkMAP’s Mahmood Khan Achakzai for their speeches against PTI. “Maulana Sb is a sold out politician. Only a couple of ministries are enough to have his support,” he said.


Lavishing laurels on policemen who did not open fire at the unarmed protesters, Khan said at least 2,500 policemen declined obeying the firing orders while three inspectors general, who defied the “illegal” directives from their high-ups, have been removed from office.

The 18 days of Islamabad protest have greatly changed the people of Pakistan, Khan claimed as even the overseas Pakistanis also “thronged” Islamabad to take part in the sit-in.

Khan remarked the overseas Pakistanis were willing to channelize their money back into the country on condition that system is set right.

“It is my mission to rid the nation of fear of the oppressors. I wanted to come back to the sit-in by the morning but I heard that the government is all set to crack down on the protesters overnight. Accordingly, I rushed to the venue to stand by you at this critical juncture,” Imran Khan underlined during his early morning’s address.

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  1. Shahid said:

    I request Mr. Raheel sharif to intervene immediately as these politicians are dirty and trying to disgrace army. Today’s parliament session should be enough for CO AS. There is no discussion on upublic welfare but for pointing out army in all of the dirty speeches. Mr. Raheel please do the most needful now. Please. Hang every one who was dirty speaking. All these corrupt politicians. It z enough now. …..

  2. Shahid said:

    Once again I request COAS- now u r bound to take action and to save country. Remove all these corrupt system beneficiaries. Hang them all. Kick them out. You will b responsible in heaven because Allah has made you the most powerful man of this country. So you will be answerable if you do not play a role to remove unjust and these robbers……

  3. Shahid said:

    I support the cause of imran khan and Qadri sb but what is being pursued can b achieved through one who has been made the most powerful man in the country by Allah….

  4. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    Very good Sage & Strategic decision of our peoples in Ir Pakistan & peoples in the world are looking the new WAY of Revolution Made in Pakistan excelent but with positive consequences! the grand great majority peoples in the world are under siege by the zionist Money Lords so peoples need new ideas how to get Liberation & Capture those Criminals, as a justice seeking modren compatriot pakistani i support this excelent idea how to get listen peoples who govern & manage our economy our country, my country men women has Found Again! Great Leaders Janab Qadri sahib & Janab Imran khan sahib Good Luck Ir Pakistan Good Luck Peoples of Islamic Pakistan

  5. Pakistan said:

    @ I request COAS- now u r bound to take action

    Imran, When you said.. Tere he Ibadat Kartay Hain, TUJ SAY MADAD MANGTAY HAIN

    Did YOU mean *ISI* or **ArmY** ???

  6. Pakistan said:

    @ I support the cause of imran khan and Qadri sb

    اور جب ان سے کہا جاتا ہے کہ زمین میں فساد نہ کرو تو جواب دیتے ہیں کہ ہم تو صرف اصلاح کرنے والے ہیں
    خبردار ہو! یقیناً یہی لوگ فساد کرنے والے ہیں، لیکن شعور (سمجھ) نہیں رکھتے


  7. Ibrahim Janjuarajput said:

    Qadri and Imran are not cousin but step Brothers and their father is unknown secrete hand behind them who tried his best to topple the system but alas! A big big failure

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