A dangerous trend


The prevailing political turmoil has polarised and divided the already fragmented nation to an unprecedented extent, witnessed ever.

Most if not all appear to have taken a clear side. Either they are supporting a particular party or they have grudges against a specific person. Every second person is looking at the other with the spectacles of suspicion and is sceptic about his patriotism, sincerity and even mental stability. The belief in the system is fast waning and the mistrust on the institutions is on a constant rise. And worst of all, media is fuelling this fire of frenzy. The sanity seems having departed completely.

Sad enough, the saner voices which already are in scarce number and which in such chaotic circumstances are ardently vying for the safeguard and stability of the system are oft being labeled as neo-traitors having sold their minds to one stake holder or the other. What we fail to understand is that being not a party to this inqilab does not demonstrate that one is with present regime nor by abhorring this madness devoid of any iota of method means that one is preserving the status Quo. It is earnestly needed that an early and largely accepted political solution of this political crisis is evolved expeditiously before it gets too late. Rest assured when boots march forward, the nations step backward.


Mandi Bahauddin

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