Resolve issues through Parliament: NA opp leader


National Assembly (NA) Opposition Leader Khurshid Shah has said that all democratic forces including Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would never compromise on the supremacy of the Constitution and the Parliament.

Talking to reporters in Karachi on Saturday, the PPP leader said that Parliament reflects the aspirations of the people and all issues, including reconciliation between the government and protesting parties, should be resolved through Parliament.

Reiterating that PPP will not make any compromise on the rule of Constitution and Parliament, Shah vowed to fight till his last breath to save democracy in the state.

He said an elected parliament is present here and all the decisions should be made through it.

Criticising Pakistan Tekreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Shah said that the protesting parties do not love and respect democracy and constitution.

“Some people say that there is no democracy here while others do not want this Parliament,” said the opposition leader adding that the ones staging sit-ins in Islamabad are not in favor of the Constitution and democracy.

“People are aware of all political parties and their characters”, he said.

Shah requested the masses to open their eyes and observe “what role is being played by whom”.

Responding to a question he said that Pakistan Army is a patriotic institution and is aware of the people’s emotions and desires.