Preserving the cultural vibe in Lahore


The vibrant city of Lahore has a culturally dynamic nature which adds an alluring appeal to it. Sometimes this culture takes us on a trip down the memory lane to history while at others it lets us flourish in the lights and colors of the city. Where painters capture these moments on canvases, writers capture them through words while poets through their poems. Nevertheless they all strive to preserve the eccentric and lively culture of Lahore in the best possible way to keep it from gradually fading away.

Amidst these steps, Faiz Ghar has built up a reputation of preserving the culture of Lahore for which it organises an ensemble of activities to spread an aura of art and culture. Indian laureates and performers are constant visitors at Faiz Ghar because of the similar nature of the culture of Pakistan and its neighbor country, India.

For this Faiz Ghar uses literature as a primary tool to instill intellectual awareness about Lahori culture amongst the masses. Undoubtedly the reflection of one’s culture is best perceived through the literature produced in that culture. Faiz Ghar covers various elements that blend in together to educate people by presenting a constructive portrayal of all literary elements.

The various events conducted at Faiz Ghar involve books, literature and different forms of art. Sher ki Baat by Dr Arfa Syeda, Learning to See by Mrs Salima Hashmi and Adabi Sangat by Ms Shehnaz Muzammil are few of the examples of such events. Faiz Ghar further expands its sphere over to children and youth through events such as the Summer Cultural School.

Lahore is a city where culture can pose an exhilarating experience hence making it one of the liveliest cities of the world. But every now and then a grave concern arises regarding Lahore’s diminishing cultural values. It is at those times where we need organisations such as Faiz Ghar to jump in and take potential steps to preserve our cultural heritage and literary legacies.