White Lies


The N boys find themselves in quite a pickle these days. And their own actions haven’t helped. Take the ingenious idea of reaching out to the military, for example. Nobody outside the inner circle is sure just who suggested it, but word has it that it left the prime minister pretty glum. N wasn’t his usual self at nashta the next morning, and some noticed the interior minister overdoing his check-list appreciation for the government’s handling of the dharnas, especially what was wrongly perceived as an SOS signal to the military.

Yet the grapevine, comprising multiple text-message and viber exchanges, delivered rumours to the azadi container that Ch Nisar didn’t seem too happy with N’s decision to reach out to the brass while mulling over possible responses with some close jurno buddies. But then he went to the Assembly, said he’d missed the reaction because he doesn’t watch TV at night, and explained how the revolution guys had played the army card, not the government. This, of course, was before the ISPR tweeted to the contrary.


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