Khan flays Sharif for ‘defaming’ military


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday lambasted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for suggesting that the PTI has the support of the military in its anti-government protest.

In a mid-day address to supporters gathered at D-Chowk — the venue for the PTI’s protracted dharna — Imran said Sharif was attempting to “defame the army by saying it is supporting Imran Khan”.

“A man who was raised in General Zia’s nursery is telling me the army is supporting me,” Khan said.

Directly addressing Sharif, Imran added, “And the same army that made you… you have been maligning it for four months and saying that the army is behind it all… that General Zaheer is doing it.”

Khan said he had been saying for 14 months to open four constituencies. “I had even accepted this rigged election, but had asked merely for the opening of these four constituencies. When you closed all doors, I had announced that if I don’t get legal respite I will come out on the streets – was the army telling me [to do all] this?”

He said Sharif was first “ridiculed the army” and later “lied” on the floor of the National Assembly.

“I will not have any personal gain from victory or defeat. What difference does it make to me if I am PM or not? God has given me enough respect.”

He said he will announce the next step in this campaign later in the evening, and that his decision will be “peaceful and within the ambit of the constitution”.


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