Awareness workshop calls on people to use hygienic food


The speakers at an awareness workshop have called upon the people to use hygienic foods so as to avoid the epidemic diseases and maintain a healthy society. Speakers declared the tea as a small and cold drinks as big poison for human health and also called upon the people to keep their outskirts neat and clean.

The awareness workshop on “recycling and waste material management” was organised by Syed Panah Ali Shah Model School, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, in collaboration with Pak-US Alumni Network (PUAN) Jamshoro Chapter on Friday.

Speaker Prof Ali Murtaza Dharejo said that food being prepared for consumption at homes should be kept safely if it was s in abundance but it ought not to be wasted, he said, adding the home-cooked food was more beneficial for the human health than that of hotels and restaurants.

He said it was necessary to avoid frequent visits to restaurants for remaining healthy, as one could not get disinfected nourishments in these places.

Giving the example of the men cooking meals at “Tandoor”, Prof Dharejo said one will find them cleaning sweat from their foreheads and using the same perspired hands to prepare the meals.

He also advised the people to drink boiled water if a filter plant is not available in their areas especially in cities. President, PUAN Jamshoro Prof. Akbar Mahesar said the act of spreading filth was actually the act of scattering epidemic diseases. Therefore, he said the people must keep their areas neat and clean.

“The more you keep your areas clean, the more you are healthy and safe,” he maintained and advised the people not to have pakoras, samosas and such other things available in the bazaars for living a better life.

Among others PAUN Jamshoro General Secretary Fahim Noonari and Principal Syed Panah Ali Shah Model School Farida Shaikh also addressed the participants of the workshop.

Later, the dust-bins were distributed in the school as a symbol to develop among students the habit of throwing garbage into the dust-bins.


  1. Pakistani people are very very dirty they urine everywhere they don’t clean themselves dont take bath because they dont have water I think pakis are the dirtiest people in this world.

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