‘Tabeer’ is still a dream


Three months down the line, women still waiting for restoration of transport service

Women of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are facing server problems due to suspension of transport service “Tabeer”, which was suspended three months back after successful completion of pilot project.

The women specific transport service was started on February, 17 for three months pilot project to redress the grievances of women who have a long awaiting demand of separate transport service.

The concerned authorities claimed that the service was halted due to construction work on Murree Road and would be restored after one month but despite repeated demands during the month of Ramazan and before that no heed has been paid to the issue.

Sajida Kouser, a lecturer of Mathematics, said that the women transport was a great blessing for them especially at the rush hours of morning and evening and they are facing severe problem after suspension of the service.

Rashida Akhtar a lawyer shared that they have to reach court in time for case proceedings and for the purpose she has to leave her home two hours before court time due to rush at bus stops. She requested the concerned authorities to restore the service as soon as possible.

Arifa Khursheed, an employee of non-government organization said, government is taking a number of steps for empowerment of women but no one is ready to pay heed to their problems and difficulties.

She said she is facing severe problem for last one month as the two reserved seats at public transport are not enough for women. She said if the service would not restore they would launch a protest in front of press club.

She was of the view that other vans are plying regularly on all routes but suspension of only women transport due to construction at Murree Road is only a lame excuse.

“If all vans can ply on their routes why the authorities have stopped only 12 vans of women transport,” she asked.

An official of Regional Transport Authority earlier stated that the authorities are ready to launch the project but they are waiting for completion of pillar work at Murree Road. He further informed at that time that they recommended to run at least 18 to 24 vans which were only 12 earlier to facilitate more women to reach their destination in least possible time.