How the last ten days influenced Pakistani politicians


    From resigning to being put into place, from running out of new partners to being puppets, the last ten days have reshaped the political careers of many



    The last ten days have been historical regardless of whether you agree with Imran Khan and/or Tahirul Qadri or not. It has either been a historic step towards national change, or a historic wastage of time for the entire nation.

    Either way, the past ten days will be registered in history books as a major turning point. Especially if the PTI manages to form the government next and in turn controls the curricula and history books. Even though that doesn’t seem too likely as things stand.

    Hence, it is pertinent to look at how various Pakistani politicians and their legacies have been affected by the past ten days. Here is our analysis on some of the major participants and the impact of the recent past on them.

    Imran Khan

    Cricketer turned politician turned cheerleader, Khan has been orchestrating chants of ‘Go Nawaz Go!’ almost as if cheering him on. People who voted for PTI last year are some of the biggest critics of the party as things stand. He has seemed to be on the verge of a breakdown, just like his political legacy. But he can’t go away, because the establishment has other scripts written for him.

    Tahirul Qadri

    He doesn’t participate in elections. If he did, it would be almost as if he didn’t. But he has followers dedicated enough to take bullets. He has an economic plan that would help Pakistan conjure billions of dollars within the blink of an eye. It’s only Imran Khan outdoing Qadri in the ridiculous that has allowed the PAT chief to appear almost sensible. He’ll go away when the circus is over. He’ll comeback when there’s a need of a clown.

    Nawaz Sharif

    Nope, the prime minister of Pakistan just can’t be the one calling the major shots in the country. Nawaz was delusional that he could change that trend. He has been put in his place by two puppets. The strings attached to the puppets and the master will make sure Nawaz realises his place, and doesn’t get out of control again.

    Javed Hashmi

    The rebel is now truly without a cause. The man who took pride in being beaten up by the establishment following protests is now among the puppets. It’s an anticlimactic end to the man’s political career.

    Chaudhry Nisar

    The man has not sounded more sensible in all his life before August 14, 2014, combined. He does not seem to look like Mr Bean anymore. Chaudhry Nisar turned out to be a big pressure game player.

    Shahbaz Sharif

    Nope, just constructing bridges and underpasses isn’t going to be good enough anymore. There would have to be more accountability. He might actually have to take action against people who don’t do their job properly. People won’t be allowed to be killed by the police without any action. All of this is of course relevant if he isn’t forced to resign.

    Ijazul Haq

    He addressed the Parliament. People actually listened to what he said. They also clapped. This won’t ever happen again. He said that 30-40 members of the Parliament can’t dictate what the Parliament does. But of course, if it’s just one person dictating the entire country, that’s alright.

    Pervez Khattak

    His dance moves have alienated everyone, friends, family, people who voted for his party, people who live in the province of which he is the CM. Everyone’s alienated, barring the diehard Insafians of course.

    Sheikh Rasheed

    If the man leaves his current entourage, he will officially run out of Pakistani politicians that he’s been partners with.


    The writer is an armchair political analyst and a staunch supporter of military rule. All side effects of reading The Horizontal Column are the readers’ own headache.