Help from abroad


*European PTI supporters arrive in Islamabad with £100,000

A delegation of overseas Pakistanis from across Europe supporting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has joined the party’s supporters in the Capital. The delegation is led by Senior Advisor in Europe Sahibzada Jahangir.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Jahangir said, “We have around seven million overseas Pakistani and 85 percent of them support PTI Chairman Imran Khan. All of these supporters were worried when the news of the long march reached us. I started a fund campaign on all Pakistani channels except GEO, and we collected more than £100,000. We collected all these funds to make sure that the protestors have food and water and other basic facilities,” he added.

Talking about the perception of the overseas community about the Pakistani political leadership, he said the people resent the Sharif brothers who are “multiplying their properties and wealth”.

“Pakistani politicians who come to the UK live in hotels which charge £10,000pounds per day. All this is done with the tax payers’ money,” he said.

The overseas community has also organised several protests in various countries against the corrupt rulers.

“We totally trust the leadership of Khan and we are sure that he will never bend from his stance,” he said, adding that PTI supporters will only come back after getting the PM’s resignation.