World Bank to collaborate with Al Baraka


Al Baraka Banking Group today announced its collaboration with the World Bank to begin a research partnership that would be beneficial to the global Islamic banking industry. The partnership’s first initiative, part of a planned series of research projects, will be a study examining the risk-management challenges facing Islamic banks, with a particular focus on Musharaka and Mudaraba under the profit-and-loss-sharing system. The Group President & Chief Executive, Mr. Adnan Ahmed Yousif, stated: “This collaboration with the World Bank is yet another demonstration of the Group’s commitment to research and knowledge-building in the Islamic financial services industry.” Al Baraka is recognized as a pioneer in the Islamic banking sector for its longstanding think tank, Al Baraka’s Annual Islamic Banking Symposium (The Nadwa). The Nadwa is the only platform of its kind that annually provides the industry with resolutions and fatwas, which form the basis of new products, standards and policies. Mr. Yousif added, “We are committed to serving the sector by addressing several pressing issues that the industry is facing today. The research collaboration with the World Bank is yet another step in this direction.”