WASA believes Nullah Leh won’t flood this time





Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has claimed that due to arrangements made by the authority this year, there was no danger of flood, particularly in Nullah Leh.

WASA Deputy Managing Director Akram Soban said that Nullah Leh, mainly in low lying areas, was cleared of silt and solid waste. He said the nullah was further widened and deepened to save the city from the flood devastations.

Gawalmandi area was especially focused during the cleanliness drive as due to heavily populated locality and a large amount of garbage and filth was thrown in the nullah which created obstacle in the smooth flow of flood water, he said. The flood season in Nullah Leh starts from June 15 and remains till August 31.

City Sadar Road, Dhoke Charg Deen, Pirwadhi, New Katrian and Dhoke Naju were also critical sections of Nullah Leh which were cleared of silt and solid waste, he informed.