White Lies



So Imran Khan’s Azadi caravan came fitted with the kind of amenities that would sustain a revolutionary march – a stage for visibility, some huddle space to strategise, even a custom fitted lavatory (reportedly) – so went the hype. But the skirmish with N boys at Gujranwala revealed it was not so all-purpose after all, at least not bullet proof. Maybe that is why The Khan, visibly angered by the attack, made off for Islamabad at full speed, in his personal – and quite bullet proof – vehicle this time.

Khan knows that revolutions, sit-ins, etc, are gruelling affairs. Good, then, that he is in tip-top shape; something he ensures by keeping a healthy exercise schedule and eating well. In fact, whenever time permits, his favourite hangout in Lahore is Cosa Nostra, the Italian pizza joint. Just the other day, he was spotted downing some thin crusts with his mates, no doubt weighing pros and cons of the long march.

It was in these meetings, says the grapevine, that Khan told his friends that he just doesn’t trust Nawaz. The prime minister has a habit of wriggling out of commitments, he complained. That is why he is determined not to leave Islamabad till his demands are met. All the better, then, that he prepped himself well for the GT road ride by feasting on some Gujranwala breakfast specialities; nothing like chiray (sparrows) and some good old nihari to set the tone of things to come.