White Lies


They come in pairs, troubles for the League do. First, there is the desi Rasputin, Tahirul Qadri. Then there is Imran “KP? What KP?” Khan.

TuQ’s followers are being cracked down on. The Punjab Police, which has pressed the panic button since long, has intercepted communication within TuQ’s Minhaj-ul-Quran. Amongst the intercepts: food for 25 thousand people. Followers have been requested to bring along “musallas”, which Punjab’s finest, our boys in charcoal, fear is a euphemism for “musallah”. As in armed and dangerous.

Imran Khan, meanwhile, is said to have prepared a TuQ-style container from where he can do his thing. He can even change there, we are told. Change!


Now that handbags can cost upwards of a million rupees and even two, they are prime items for theft.

Recently, the former wife of a VVIP had gone to a beauty clinic, where her bag was stolen. The Punjab Police was spurred into action and they managed to apprehend the gang behind the thefts. Nevertheless, expect more incidents of the like in the future.


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