Chinese approval for 14 power projects cheers up PM


The Chinese government has approved 14 power projects to generate 10,400 megawatts of electricity immediately while some more projects of 6445MW will be completed in the second phase.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif congratulated his energy and economic teams on obtaining approval of the Chinese government for the said 14 power projects.

Among the projects approved by the Chinese government included Port Qasim (Coal Fired) to generate 1,320 MW, Sukki Kanari (Hydropower) 870 MW, Sahiwal (Coal Fired) 1,320 MW, Engro Thar (Coal Fired- Mining of Block 2) 660 MW, Muzaffargarh (Coal Fired) 1,320 MW, Gwadar (Coal fired) 300 MW, Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park (Cholistan) 1,000 MW, United Energy (Wind power, Karachi) 100 MW, Dawood (wind power, Karachi) 50 MW, Sachal (wind power) 50 MW, Sunnec (wind power) 50 MW, Rahimyar Khan (Coal Fired) 1,320 MW, SSRL Thar (Coal Fired) 1,320 MW and Karot (Hydropower) 720 MW.

These projects will be started immediately and put into operation by the year 2017-2018. In addition, there are few other power generation projects totalling to 6445 MW which would be completed in the second phase on fast track basis.

The prime minister said this gesture of the Chinese government manifested the deep cordial relations the country had with Pakistan as well as showing the confidence of the international community in the policies of government.

The prime minister expressed his pleasure noting that the MoUs Pakistan had signed with China in the recent past were now being translated into on-ground projects.



  1. It will take more than 10 years for these projects to come on line- no relief in sight yet. Nawaz Sharif did not help when he was in power before Musharaf'. He and his beloved family live in an airconditioned home with NO interruption and he cannot offer any help to common people except talk and more talk.

    • What are your contribution to Pakistan? just negative talks. Should hope and pray this should be materialized for Pakistan nation. There is no leader not living in "air conditioned" home.

    • Irrational and absolute nonsense ..May Allah bless u
      Some sanity to see things positively. R u sure that Azadi marchers and flag bearer of shaitani inqilab are not living in air conditioned palaces?

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