Indian BSF soldier handed back, says he had ‘comfortable’ stay in Pakistan


An Indian Border Security Force (BSF) soldier who was arrested after crossing the working border into Pakistani territory in Sialkot’s Bajwat sector told journalists that he was courteously dealt with by Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistani authorities handed over the soldier to India on Friday evening.

According to a report published earlier on India’s NDTV website, the soldier said that he was glad to be returning to his home in India.

“They made me comfortable. I was given food. I have no complaints. I am very happy I am going home,” BSF soldier Satyasheel Yadav said. He added that, “They kept me better than I had thought they would.”

Yadav explained how the boat he was travelling in capsized in the River Chenab and he was swept into Pakistan two days ago.

“The Pakistani post was close by. I jumped out of the boat with a life jacket on and tried to swim, but couldn’t. The Pakistani Rangers took me out, asked me who I was. I told them my name and that I am from the 33 battalion,” he said.

The Pakistan Army took him into their custody and gave him refuge in the army’s Markilla camp where an investigation was conducted.

According to the sources, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) interrogated the soldier regarding border security issues.

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