Ban on rallies: Section 144 imposed in Islamabad



Section 144, prohibiting congregation of more than five people, pillion riding and public display of weapons, was imposed in Islamabad on Friday by the federal government, a private news channel reported.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner issued the notification for imposing section 144 in the federal capital for two months as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf gears up for its Azadi Marchi on August 14, demanding the government to resign and holding mid-term polls.


  1. A weak kneed Govt. has panicked! When a Govt .invokes one law after another it,has lost it.s credibility to rule. You can subdue people only to a certain extent and then no more!

    • mmkhan u r mentally bad mad – you wonna imrankhan to be pm without being duly elected !!! is food fuels not at higher prices than lahore- u r ignorant senile demented old retired kaafir — WHY IS AZADI DIN BEING TURNED INTO TAMASHAA BY IMRANKHAN QUADRI FIRANGIGULAMS

  2. With pseudo revolutionaries calling army take over, you expect government to do nothing. You can't buy wisdom in a university.

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