Qadri begins to feel the heat as police cordon off Minhaj Secretariat


The Punjab government has decided to deal with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Tehreek Minhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Allama Tahirul Qadri and his followers sternly, as police detained dozens of people associated with the fiery cleric from several cities besides sealing off all roads leading to Qadri’s house and the Minhaj Secretariat in Lahore.

Large contingents of police have been deployed in the Barkat Market and Akbar Chowk areas of Garden Town and Model Town in Lahore while raids are being carried out in several cities to build pressure on PAT and TMQ supporters.

The action began after the Lower Mall Police were told to seal the FIR registered against Qadri earlier in the evening. A citizen has charged Qadri with inciting violence by ordering his followers to attack the homes of law enforcement personnel if the Punjab government tries to thwart his much-touted ‘revolution’.

Meanwhile, a large number of baton-wielding Minhaj followers, including several women and young girls, have also gathered outside Qadri’s residence to resist any government action against their leader.

Addressing a press conference at 3.30 in the morning, Qadri said that the police had detained several party workers while those coming to Minhaj Secretariat for participation in the Aug 10 Youm-e-Shuhada event were being stopped at police barricades.

“The Punjab government is resorting to undemocratic actions against us. I’m warning Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif that if they try to disrupt our event and their government forces use violence against my party workers, the Youm-e-Shuhada would turn into Youm-e-Inqilab,” said the fiery cleric.

Qadri said that he had summoned a meeting of his allied parties today (Thursday) to discuss their strategy in wake of the government’s crackdown. He also directed his followers to stand their ground and keep alert to the government’s moves, pleading them to attend the Aug 10event “by all means”.

Reiterating his call for civil disobedience, Qadri urged police and civil administration officials to stop obeying the Punjab government’s “illegal” orders.

“You are servants of the state, not of the Sharifs. It’s your  moral obligation not to resort to violence on peaceful protesters. But I warn you that if any of my workers is harmed, we will avenge it,” Qadri said.




  2. I think Sheeda Tully should stage a hunger strike till his demands are completed. It will do him a lot good shedding few kilos and than he has no family to worry about. Of course this government of NS is not delivering to expectations of those who voted for them, but than men like Sheeda have always been side kicks of others, most importantly the Pindiwalas, whom it seem have stopped feeding him recently, following the take over by a professional man with some integrity, instead of the likes of Kiyani or Mush the Bush poodle. NS needs to wake up and shakeup his kitchen cabinet full of contractors like Saad, otherwise he will get into more serious trouble. As for IK, he is obsessed with 4 seats and does not understand that it would have been far better if his agenda was related to real issues that confront common man, such as corruption, poor health and education, tax evasion etc. WithTUQ ganging up with leeches like the Gujrat Chaudri clan, he stands totally exposed.

  3. Tamlk:please tell how he can stop corruption when he is out of the government. The people who control the purse are the one , that can stop it. He is putting pressure on them to mend their ways but it's hard. They say: TAND NE TAANA. E BIGRIA DA.

  4. It is a mess. Yesterday's innocents are today's aggressor. Quoting Allamah Once I saw Field Marshal Ayub Khan's outstanding adviser with his neck hanging in Chicago and shoute ! Phir Tay hain meer KHAR koi posthaste nahi". He looked up and exchanged greetings with me . I invited him to a restaurant and we talked about hour and half. He was always on pedestal when he was near the FM but soon he pedestal broke and the MADARI of Pakistan ascended the thrown and placed him under house arrest. After spending few months in jail, the guy ran one hundred mile per hour to see his family in Us. I enquired the reasons of his sadness and told me his tragic descent from Takhat to Thakta . I consoled him that I know a lot of Pakistani Neros playing lyres in America. They opened restaurants spending enormous amount of money and closing them after a hefty financial losses. I expressed my sympathies and said: JISS KA KAM USEE KO SAJAY…….. Doing business without experience amounts to suicidal every where especially in America. Wish our Pakistani Bureaucrats enjoy their fortunes in the West and refrain from new enterprises .

  5. The Punjab government removed barriers from Dr Qadri's residence at Model Town, Lahore, on Jun16 /17, killed 15 people including 2 young women and an old pious man and injured as many as hundred persons through direct fire of Elite Force and ruthless damage of private property by Gllu Butt, pampered child of Shahbaz Sharif. FIR lodged by the Punjab government against the aggrieved party.
    What a joke. Now barriers have been placed again. Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have lost their mental balance and must quit forthwith.

    • Persian verse that describes these mean characters ! Chun. Sifla Mehda Gardad Sair, Bar hazaran Shore O Shar Gardad Dalair. They are filthy rich by stealing public money and stashing them in Foreign Banks and think they have secured their future but are unaware of the design of Allah. The Elder Sharif is spending Public funds like water on his foreign tours. Is he Public Leader given mandate to let the cronies and family waste tax payer's money while millions are starving. His predecessor Bhutto, the Vadera used to fill Planes with hundreds of MNA's and MPA's to UK and U S A and made them stay in expensive hotels for weeks. Allah watched the Super Clever Idiot and punished him from the neck for his arrogance and waste of public money pulled him down. Hope Sharifs learn their lesson.

      • Talented Muslims fail to compete with other faith leaders. I know if Qadri apply for a job in Canada, he has no chance to be hired as SECURITY GUARD.

        • To be a Security Guard in Canada you need a ceritification & be bondable. Qadri may not have either. Why should he work ? He has other sources. Don't ask me, because I do not know the sources. All I know, the way our Politicians live, they have unlimited access to huge sums.

  6. Rev Qadri, revolution demands lot of blood including your own and with uncertain results. Are you ready?

  7. Feel the Heat. Police cordons ……………………… What brand of Democracy is this?

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