Indian BSF soldier arrested on Pakistani soil


SIALKOT: Pakistani authorities arrested an Indian Border Security Force (BSF) soldier for crossing the working border into Pakistani territory near Kuleil village in Sialkot’s Bajwat sector on Wednesday, a local channel reported.

According to intelligence sources, the Indian soldier was taken into custody by Chenab Rangers and he was later shifted to an undisclosed location for interrogation.

Cross-border clashes between Pakistan and India have occurred quite a few time this year while multiple incidents have being reported specifically from Sialkot.

Two Pakistani soldiers were wounded On July 16 in crossfire between Indian and Pakistani forces in Charwah sector near Sialkot.


  1. pakistan must always follow GENEVA convention for prisioners of war — otherwise expect indians shall also burn pakistani captured soldiers ..

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  3. And India responded by killing Pakistani villagers even when Pakistan returned the soldier who violated border

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