Listen to wise man


It has been reported in the national English press attributed to the most eminent engineer Shams-ul-Mulk that Pakistan is losing Rs220 billion yearly for not building KBD in the field of power alone while loss in agricultural production by irrigation of over four million acres of crops could easily have doubled the loss to the tune of 4.5 billion US$ annually. The opposition of ANP which got only 5.6 percent of total votes in 2008 election does not represent the Pashtun vote, according to Engineer Shams-ul-Mulk which is an eye-opener for the authorities.

It appears that the policy planners of Pakistan cannot view the vast benefits of KBD because they are wearing spectacles of ignorance, bias and downright enmity with Pakistan. The solution of all our troubles like load shedding and economic downslide with mounting debt of IMF lay in construction of KBD but who would listen in the din of political bickering and provincialism to the sane voice of a most experienced engineer who served as chairman of WAPDA and as chief minister of former NWFP. We are living in an era of stupidity and political malaise that cannot see beyond its nose. May God help us!



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