14 lawbreakers under the net





Rawalpindi Police in its continued drive against anti-social elements have arrested 14 lawbreakers besides recovering 2,100 grams of charras, 16 litres of wine, three 30-bore pistols with seven rounds, two 32-bore revolvers with six rounds and one dagger from the possession of accused.

According to Rawalpindi Police spokesman, Pirwadhai Police held Najamul Hassan for having 540 grams of charras. Waris Khan Police netted Ali Wafa and recovered 530 grams of charras. Bunni Police arrested Waqas Javed for possessing 510 grams of charras. Jatli Police nabbed Muhammad Ramazan on recovery of 520 grams of charras.

Sadiqabad Police apprehended Qasim Ali for having five litres of wine while six litres of wine was recovered from Qamar Hussain. Five litre wine was also recovered from Darab Imtiaz.

Other accused were sent behind the bars for possessing illegal weapons, drugs and other items.