Saudi king breaks silence over Israeli offensive in Gaza


Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah criticised international inaction over Israel’s offensive in Gaza, which he described as involving mass slaughter and “war crimes against humanity”, in a speech read out on his behalf on state television.

“This (international) community which has observed silently what is happening in the whole region, was indifferent to what is happening, as if what is happening is not its concern. Silence that has no justification,” he said in his speech.

He also slammed militants who he said were killing innocent people and mutilating their bodies in contravention of Islamic teachings and called on the region’s leaders and religious scholars to prevent Islam from being hijacked by militants.

King Abdullah named no groups but was apparently referring to violence in neighbouring countries, including Iraq and Syria, where the Islamic State has captured swathes of territory, killing scores of people and forcing Christians to flee. Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Islam, sees itself as a leader of the Sunni Muslim world and a main player in the Middle East.

But the world’s largest oil exporter and US ally has played only a low-key role in diplomatic efforts to end the conflict in Gaza, leaving the main Arab efforts to its close ally Egypt and fellow Gulf monarchy Qatar.


  1. Saudi King, shame on you @#$/, ^&*£ and !?#¥. You have no time to think, act, deliberate ways and means to help my brothers & sisters in gaza. I hate you to those limits you can not imagine. I do put you in the category of Netanyahu, Obamo etc to I shall never forgive. On the day of judgement, I shall make partner in this bloodshedding. By not speaking till now you are also responsible. You have no right to be rulerof sacred places.

  2. Brother…………….. this criminal, King Abdulla , is financing Israel's war against Palestine . "Shame" is ashamed that you associate it with this despicable sub-human.

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