‘Except some cough and flu, Sindh is better now’


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that law and order situation was better in Sindh now and target killing in Karachi had been reduced by 60 percent and other crimes by 40 percent.

Talking to media after offering Fateha on the graves of Bhutto family leaders on the Eid day, he said many extortionists have been arrested. He said that during 11 months of operation in Karachi more than 200 policemen have embraced martyrdom. He said that police will get training under the supervision of retried army officers. He said few months ago 20 to 22 kidnapped people were in captivity of the dacoits but now only 3 to 4 kidnapped persons are in the custody of criminal gangs.

He said Sindh produces 70 percent of total gas production of the country but it gets only 22 to 24 percent in return. He said the government had announced to end power load shedding in three months but 12 to 14 hours electricity outage is being made in this hot weather.

The chief minister said that reforms are being made in primary education. He said five district level hospitals will be established within a couple of months. He said that 44 dispensaries will also be upgraded. He further said that 500 doctors have been recruited so far. He said that only 3,500 IDPs have arrived in Sindh who are staying at Ganjo Takar in Hyderabad and they are being looked after properly. He said that out of these 400 to 500 people have already gone back.