Altaf Hussain’s bail extended by five months in money laundering case


The London Metropolitan Police has extended the bail of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain till December.
The MQM chief, who had been arrested on money laundering charges, was due to appear for police interview on July 31 following the expiry of his bail.
However, an MQM statement said that the Met Police had informed them through Altaf’s lawyer that the party chief’s bail had been extended until December, just two days before his bail was set to expire.
Altaf, in a statement, said that he was confident that his application would be accepted and that his bail would subsequently be extended. He added that this is a usual procedure under British law, and urged his followers to remain calm during case proceedings.
On June 3, Met police had arrested the MQM leader from his residence. The arrest had brought whole Karachi to a halt and his followers took to the streets.
But four days later, on June 7, the Met police released Altaf Hussain on bail till July 31.


  1. The British judicial system is amongst the most credible in the world. Altaf Bhai has nothing to worry if he us innocent, but if he is not than the system will hold him accountable. His prosecution, in a country whose nationality and passport he acquired of his own free will, makes this an internal affair of UK.

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