Five flogged in Iran for publically eating in Ramazan | Pakistan Today

Five flogged in Iran for publically eating in Ramazan

Five people were publicly flogged in Iran as punishment for eating in public in violation of the rules set for the Muslim fasting month Ramazan, Iranian media reported on Sunday.

The offenders ignored warnings from police and “ate intentionally” in the western city of Kermanshah, the province’s Chief Justice Ali Mozafari reportedly said.

Iranian authorities issue warnings every year to respect Ramazan by not eating or drinking in public. However, the fast is often ignored, especially in the hot weather, with people drinking water on the streets.

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  1. jamshed kharian-pak said:

    Ramadan is Holy Month in Islam you must respect Islamic Shariat Laws, you have to care peopes who are fasting so peoples must Respect, you see if you are in France wearing Islamic Dress you are fined 200$ Law is Law Agree or not Just Respect!

    • Virendra Kaul said:

      No one fines you fir wearing Islamic dress. By the way what is Islamic dress? Dress comes from culture not religion. France bans niqab and burqa. No one cares as long as your face is visible. This is a security issue.

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