White Lies


A “committee” from one of the upper circles of Lahori wives has been convened to pay for the services of a private detective agency to keep an eye on the – for lack of a better term – extra-curricular activities of their husbands.

To catch them with their pants down. If not literally, then at least metaphorically.

The story gets better as some of the men from that strata have also decided to do the same to keep a check on their wives. Now husbands are shy of seeking the support of their fellow men when it comes to these matters, so no “group deal” from the detectives there.

What sheer chutzpah it would be for one of the men to catch one of the women from the first group!


The last ten days of the holy month are upon us. And everybody is feeling rather pious.

There are close to one million IDPs right about now. Because the affected are not limited to those in North Waziristan. But the royal family is off to meet the Royal Family for Eid. Yes, the Sharifs are going to be off to Saudi Arabia (home is where the oil is) this season. But before that, they will also perform an umrah. The Almighty might not be amused at these priorities.

Meanwhile, the province that is to be hosting the IDPs: Imran Khan was off to England to see a match at Lord’s and then a fundraiser for the Namal College, which, last we heard, was not outside the Mir Ali bazaar but in Mianwali.

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