A stitch time? Not mine…


The tailors have stopped taking orders and have started giving them as the residents of twin cities stand infuriated, clutching their unstitched suits in their hands.

While the tailors can be seen busy as bees trying hopelessly to meet their deadlines, the resident have complained that the tailors are not only over charging but have stopped taking new orders.

Anila Riazzuddin, a college student, while giving her views said that last year the average rate for the stitching of a simple suit was Rs 600 but this year no tailor was accepting for less than Rs 800. These rates varied from Rs 1,000 to 1,500 on account of designing.

“Load shedding has also reduced the production, so I have hired extra staff to complete the orders in time, but people do not consider our problems,” tailor master Zaka Ullah said on the other hand.