The tormented becomes the tormentor


Last week US Marine Corp was deployed to Israel for fighting. Two Americans were also killed last week when their tanks collided in Israel. Currently in Palestine the Israeli forces have been bombing civilian locations during iftar and sehar time to get the maximum kills. There have been pictures circulating showing Israeli soldiers using Palestinian kids as human shields.

The attack is so systematic that even the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the UN organisation working in Gaza, was forced to leave when a rocket was found in their school. No one knows who put the rocket there, but the UN took the decision to take out their staff from Gaza, giving Israel a freehand to commit atrocities in the area. The Israeli government’s main strategy is to destroy Palestinian settlements in bombing, then put an embargo on the area to restrict construction material’s import. The Palestinians cannot rebuild their homes without any material and are forced to go to refugee camps, while the Israeli government constructs new Jewish settlements on the Palestinian areas.

Ironically it was the Jewish people who were similarly prosecuted and killed by the German Nazi forces in WII when they were systematically constrained financially and religiously, and then they were arrested, put in camps, where they were then systematically killed by the evil Nazi Germany.

The whole world sympathised with the USA, when Al-Qaeda attacked and killed more than 3,000 civilians over a decade ago. Now the US Army is fighting alongside Israel and is involved in killing civilians, women and children.

Ironically, the USA is angry at Russia for helping out rebels in Ukraine in shooting down a civilian airplane. How is that different to helping out Israel kill innocent civilians in Gaza?




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