‘Unnecessary’ arrests by LEAs embarrass govt


Sindh Home Department Secretary Dr Niaz Ali Abbasi has asked the inspector general of police that whereabouts of detained persons should be informed to their relatives without any delay.

Taking serious notice of complaints that the officials of law enforcement agencies are not helping citizens about whereabouts of the persons picked up for investigation, the home secretary asked the officials that such type of complaints should be attended immediately in the interest of the justice and to rid the government of earning bad name.

Dr Niaz Ali Abbasi emphasised the need for effective coordination between different law enforcement agencies, particularly during pendency of cases before courts.

The secretary said that criminals would always take advantage of ineffective coordination between officials of different law enforcement agencies. Senior government officers would also face embarrassment in such cases, he added.

Dr Niaz Ali Abbasi wished the joint investigation team to complete the interrogation within seven days so that innocent persons should not be detained unnecessarily.