PPP protests against Gaza killings

  • PPP Senator Raza Rabbani criticises Arab League, Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, PM Nawaz Shairf for not taking concrete steps to address the “brutal Israeli bombardment” Palestinians
  • Coordinator to Sindh Chief Minister on Human Rights Nadia Gabol says the Israeli aggression is not only an issue against Muslims but is also creating a humanitarian crisis
  • PPP Karachi Division President Qadir Patel says government should focus on issue of Palestinians instead of focusing on political leaders Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Wednesday staged a protest against Israeli aggression in Gaza outside the Karachi Press Club and demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Islamic and Arab organisations to play their role to support the Palestinians.

Hundreds of PPP workers, activists and leaders carrying banners inscribed with slogans expressing solidarity with Palestinians, participated in the rally and chanted slogans against Israel.

Addressing the rally, PPP Senator Raza Rabbani said that entire nation stands behind the Palestinians who are facing “brutal Israeli bombardment” in which more than 200 people, including women and children, have been killed.

He criticised the Arab League (AL) and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for not playing a role in helping Palestinians against Israeli aggression.

“Instead of playing their part to support Palestinians, AL and OIC are appealing to end the massacre from Israel,” he said, adding that if these organisations should be shut down if they cannot play their role.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has limited himself to issuing statements in support of Palestinians instead of activating the Foreign Office and other bureaucrats to play their part on the diplomatic front.

Rabbani said that the role of nations that raise voices against human rights violations across the globe is disappointing and their silence on Palestinian deaths is also disturbing.

Rabbani said that the PPP had a special relationship with Palestinian people since the time of PPP’s founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who called for unity among Muslims to combat Israeli terror. He said that the party would continue to support the Palestinians who are facing brutal Israeli aggression.

Coordinator to Sindh Chief Minister on Human Rights Nadia Gabol said that PPP had arranged the public gathering on a short notice to express solidarity with Palestinians.

Gabol said that the Israeli aggression was not only an issue against Muslims but was also creating a humanitarian crisis. She said that PPP was ready to go and provide medicine and other necessities to Palestinian people. She also called for donations from people in order to send relief goods to the Palestinians.

PPP Karachi Division President Qadir Patel said it was unfortunate that despite such a vibrant media worldwide, no influential voice was being raised against Israeli “brutality”. He said that the Pakistani government should focus on the issue of Palestinians instead of focusing more on political leaders Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri.




  1. What about the muslims killing muslims in Syria and Iraq 200 000+ dead? Where is the protest against that? What about the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, where is the protest against that?

    Why are people not protesting Hamas deploying in civilian areas and putting civilians at risk?

    • As far as Syria is concerned the civilians are fighting for getting there rights from a regime which is dictating them for last 50 years so fighting for freedom is a fundamental right dont be childish to ask mummy what is this
      As for Iraq America is sole responsible for all this mess by waging a false war on WMD and putting noori al maliki govt which was suppressing the other group so they fought
      As far as HAMAS keeping things in civilian areas wake up u r a child who know nothing about the conflict ,Israel robbed all the palestinian land by bringing international land grabbers called UN and dragged palestinians into a small area called gaza and some other area ….fighting was started by israel after blaming hamas without proof now Israel is regretting as rockets are being fired directly into tel aviv so it is running pillar to post in egypt to end up the mess

      • It is the jewish land (promised land) before the arabs came in . Jews lived for almost 2000 years there and Arabs 1000 years . and quran 5:21 ,17 :104 makes it clear . don't call it as land grabbing .

        • lol stupid idiot so if the land belonged to u 2000 years ago you have the right to kill people ! to kill innoncent kids and women …seriously …kill yourself

  2. Total deaths in syria and iraq =2,00,000 and NO PROTESTS

    Deaths in gaza = 200 HUGE PROTEST'S AROUND THE WORLD

    it is driven by hatred against jews .

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