OGRA imposes ban on LPG for public transport


LPG Distributor Association chief protests ban, says 300 tons of LPG were being used on daily basis only in Karachi and 600 tons in Lahore

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Wednesday issued a notification imposing a ban on the usage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in public transport.

The declaration came after the approval of the federal government, OGRA officials said, adding that the usage of LPG could be extremely dangerous.

Official documents disclosed that the government has approved changes in LPG Rules 2002 and with effect to this change in the rules, the regulator has issued notification under which filling and use of LPG in the PSVs has been banned.

OGRA terming the usage of LPG as illegal said that buses, coaches, wagons, auto rickshaws and motor cycles would be restricted in using it as means of fuel.

In Pakistan, LPG is being widely used in auto rickshaws as it is considered a cheaper source of fuel in comparison with the mileage provided by its counterparts petrol or diesel.

OGRA also said that the violators of this ban would face a severe inquiry.

Meanwhile, rejecting the imposition of ban on use and filling of LPG in PSVs, LPG Distributor Association Chairman Irfan Khokar said that no other country has restricted the use of LPG except Pakistan.

“OGRA cannot stop the masses from using LPG as millions of rickshaws run with this cheap fuel,” he said.

Khokar said 300 tons of LPG was being used on daily basis only in Karachi and 600 tons in Lahore. He threatened to stage a sit-in protest in front of the OGRA head office if the regulatory authority failed to lift the ban.



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