Laghari to be appointed Sindh’s IGP


Fayaz Laghari is to be appointed as the inspector general (IG) of Sindh Police.

According to media reports, three names were under consideration to be nominated for the position of IG Sindh police. Fayaz Laghari had also been the IG Sindh police back in 2011 and was removed from the office following Supreme Court’s order in the wake of Sarfaraz Shah killing by a para-military force’s personnel. The issue of IG’s appointment had strained ties between Sindh and the centre.

The Sindh government has been keen in appointing Laghari to the post of IG and has requested recommendation to the federal government. However, there had been a difference in opinion between the centre and the Sindh government which had also resulted in affecting ties between the two administrators.

With the decision to appoint Laghari as IG Sindh police, it is likely to minimise tension between Sindh and the centre.