Umar Akmal sues traffic warden




Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal on Tuesday filed a suit against a traffic warden, a private news channel reported.

According to details, Akmal claimed that the police had used their influence to force his father to apologise to the traffic warden Zeeshan after the cricketer had a brawl with him in Lahore’s Firdous Market on February 1 when he was intercepted for crossing a red light.

Akmal was arrested and was released a day later on a bail against a surety bond of Rs100,000.

In his suit filed in a local court on Tuesday, Akmal claimed that he was assaulted by the traffic warden first. He added that he was out of the country when his father was forced to tender a written apology to the warden and his version of the story had not been heard.

He said that the traffic warden’s attempt to arrest him was humiliating for him, ‘a national hero’ and therefore, he demands an action against the warden.

The court has ordered Gulberg police station  to provide a complete record on the case on September 16.




      • So am i, with Umar Akmal. These Wardens are the new ghundas of our times. They are hand in gloves with the police and they operate according to a well coordinated plan to humiliate citizens and get money out of them. They are a their best on a weekend when they can put the citizens behind bars because the courts are closed on Sundays and therefore bail cannot be obtained. Police in Punjab are the biggest thieves and now they have the wardens to support them. Umar Akmal should take the warden and the police to task.

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