Political gimmicks


The race between PML-N and PTI to make ridiculous decisions

Anyone asked to compare the PTI and PML-N to decide which one is more deficient in political judgement, would remain double-minded. If pressed to give his verdict, one would have to resort to toss. For instance it made little sense on the part of Imran Khan to decide to march on Islamabad at the head of thousands of protesters simply to move the election tribunals to decide objections related to four National Assembly constituencies. It was sheer recklessness to undertaker the Tsunami, now renamed Azadi March, at a time when Operation Zarb-e-Azb is progressing and the entire nation is worried about the plight of nearly nine lakh IDPs.

Equally unintelligent, and potentially more harmful, is the move by the PML-N to counter the PTI’s march. Holding a central ceremony marking the Independence Day on D-Chowk where the PTI had decided to hold its rally can lead to confrontation marring the dignity of the day. Instead of showing to the world that the nation is united, an aim behind the ceremony cited by the information minister, any ugly incident would prove the opposite. Last year the ceremony was held at the Presidency. This year it would be all the more sensible to hold it at the same venue as militants of all hues and colours led by the TTP are desperately looking for an opportunity to take revenge for the military operation inside their sanctum sanctorum.

Relying presumably on bureaucracy’s advice, for no sensible politician can think of gimmicks of the sort, the PML-N resorted to music shows in the past to foil the PTI rallies. The attempts failed to reduce the number of participants. The PML-N is now using Pakistan’s flag and anthem to fulfill narrow partisan needs centred around defusing a rival party’s march. Moves of the sort are not in line with national interest.

The PML-N would do better to take measures to reduce tension with the PTI. To start with it could take steps to activate the parliamentary committee for electoral reforms.


  1. Can you please learn to write English? Punctuation, use of articles, and sentences everything sucks.
    "one would have to resort to toss."
    The word here would be tossing or you use an article before the Toss.

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