Arsalan and Imran


Can the media stop being distracted by Arsalan Iftikhar’s allegations and instead ask Mr Arsalan on what basis he accepted the job of Balochistan Investment Board. In the last case of Arsalan, he had publicly stated that he did not have a job, but instead had his own business.

How can a person with no job experience and no international investment experience be given the important post of BIB? How did he qualify? Who accepted Mr Arsalan for this role? Why is NAB not involved in this? All of these are serious questions about an illegal act that has happened in the past month and was only rectified when the media highlighted the new job of Mr Arsalan Iftikhar.

It is time to investigate and conclude the recent irregularities of the current government and not get distracted by Mr Arsalan’s allegations of the past, because that is the plan of Mr Arsalan: to help himself get away with him getting the job of BIB illegally.




  1. Pakistan is a country made on basis of Religion. Islam forbids fornication, ad*ultary, and all such sins "unIslalmic" period.
    IK is no exception – he should be expelled out from Islam for having illegal child i..e a child without proper wedlock.

  2. Islam and god realise no man is perfect. Was Adam our father – perfect? Did he not fall to the temptation of the devil? IK is not perfect – but he’s by far better than the rest. Who are all thieves may I add.

    • Apologetic as you can be – this is where you PTI'ers have been brought to by your so-called messihah IK – what a sh*ame.
      Instead of charging him with true Islamic punishment for being totally morally corrupt person , you are trying to soften his past sin by giving lame excuses.

      Move on and open your eyes – Pakistan does not need a Glorified Sinner to lead – IK is a mocker of Islamic Principals of clean and pious leader. He should rather confess now and resign and repent for this playboyish past.

  3. ‘ He who is without sin – cast the first stone ‘. Can we all claim that we’ve never done wrong or sinned. Islam is clear on right wrong and repentance. But only those whom god bestows understanding – actually comprehend this.

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