White Lies


London is these days home to many a politician of different hues and colours. To name a few: Asif Ali Zardari is here for the past few. First he attended his daughter’s graduation and later had a minor eye surgery. Rehman Malik is here. But London is his second home. The Baloch Pashtun nationalist Mehmood Khan Achakzai was spotted at Oxford Street doing some serious window-shopping.

A PTI stalwart based in London tweeted the other day that all these guys should be in Pakistan helping the poor IDPs. But soon he had a lot of eggs on his face as Imran Khan also reached London, ostensibly to attend a charity event.

Even the maverick Mubasher Luqman was seen driving around in his Mercedes around Central London. With Luqman out of town, suddenly the channel which airs his show has become boring.


As mega housing scheme go even the KP government has its bête noir. Regi Town, the largest housing scheme of Peshawar, even bigger than Hayatabad, is in doldrums thanks to the apathy shown towards it by Peshawar Development Authority.

Journalists, doctors, engineers and other professionals simply do not interest the KP government in a scheme where plots were bought. Perhaps Punjab’s Khadim-e-Aala could lend a helping hand?

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