Terror hoax call puts ASF on toes


ASF arrests man from Muscat flight on terror suspicion after a threat call, later releases man after interrogation, finding out suspect’s wife had played a trick on him in connivance with her paramour





A flight schedule was briefly suspended and Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore was brought on its toes after a hoax call pertaining to terrorism threat lead to the arrest of a man from a Muscat flight Tuesday.

A passenger was arrested on suspicion of terrorism from a private flight at the airport but was later released after initial investigation.

The airport security management was informed that a man flying in from Muscat would land at the airport Tuesday morning and could possibly blow up the aircraft.

Following this, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) asked Airport Security Force (ASF) to make arrangements for the arrest of the accused, identified as Shah Dildar Khan. Upon landing, ASF cordoned off the plane and arrested the 40-year-old after identification for interrogation, an ASF official said.

Upon investigation, the security forces discovered that Dildar’s brother Shahnawaz Khan had called the airport security claiming Dildar was a terrorist and planned to blow up the plane. Dildar claimed that his family members were only doing this due to a family feud.

The CAA had submitted a request to file a case against Shahnawaz after the claim was proven wrong.

However, further investigation revealed that Dildar’s wife Sonia and her alleged paramour Kashif stole Shahnawaz’s phone and used it to tip-off the airport security personnel.

After the investigations, Dildar was handed over to local police and was later released after being proven innocent.