PTI questions Sethi’s taxation record


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Shireen Mazari on Sunday strongly criticised PML-N led government for tax evasion of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi.

In a statement issued, Mazari asked as to why did the FBR first issued a notice of tax evasion to Sethi and then pardoned the same evasion on the “flimsiest of grounds” after he was rewarded for his role in “35 punctures” of May 2013 elections.

The PTI information secretary said, “As caretaker CM (Najam Sethi), why did he retain the heads of the provincial health, education and revenue departments when he transferred all the others to establish neutrality in the elections?”

She further questioned, “Why did he maintain that he was working for PCB without remuneration when in fact he was receiving payment from PCB and the media has revealed a copy of one cheque payment for Rs 2.698 million?”

“Sethi’s shenanigans clearly reveal his active complicity in rigging in the May 11 general elections. That explains the PML-N government’s desperate attempts to restore him to his lucrative PCB job whenever a court order suspends him from the same,” she said.