Pakistan, Afghanistan urged to join hands to eliminate terrorism






Pakistan, Afghanistan are intertwined and peace in the region hinges on their close cooperation and mutual support rather than distrust in tackling the menace of terrorism, German Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Michael Koch said on Saturday.

Talking to a six-member Senate delegation, Koch said his country supports military operation and Afghanistan should extend support to Pakistan in its efforts to eliminate terrorism. “Both countries will be successful if they go together,” he added.

The delegation headed by Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Senator Haji Mohammad Adeel briefed him about Pakistan’s perspective on various national and international issues as well updated him about recently launched military operation against the terrorists in North Waziristan.

Referring to Pakistan Protection and recently passed by both the houses of Pakistan’s Parliament, Koch appreciated its passage. He said that the Federal Republic of Germany has a very active embassy in Islamabad and it would take all necessary steps to extend support to Pakistan government with regard to the issue of internally displaced persons (IDPs) of North Waziristan.

Earlier, Senator Haji Mohammad Adeel gave an overview of Pakistan’s perspective on the issue of Afghan crises and its impact on the people of Pakistan.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that all the regional countries neighbouring Afghanistan have strategic stakes and their involvement in the peace process could only ensure a durable peace in the region.

Pakistani people showed resilience in the war against terrorism, sacrificing much more than any other country and despite many odds, its democratic transformation with political pluralism deserves recognition, fair and better treatment by the west, he added.

Senator Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana briefed the Germany’s envoy on Afghanistan, Pakistan about the genesis of the Pakistan Protection Act and its implementation mechanism.

While referring to Presidential elections in Afghanistan, he said that the will of the people should prevail in Afghanistan and the credibility of the elections should be accepted by all stakeholders.

Senator Muzaffar Hussain Syed said that the people of Pakistan need cooperation and support of the EU to break the mindset that gave both the extremism and terrorism and reconstruct it. It is an international phenomenon and could be tacked jointly by all nations.




  1. Pakistan has always played an effective role in resolution of Afghan crises and her contribution and spirited response has been accorded due recognition. Aware of the prevailing cross currents, regional moods and own situation, Pakistan must keep on making concrete efforts to resolve Afghan problem, as it would be in her own larger interest.

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