Kidnappers release Ziarat judicial magistrate


Kidnappers released Ziarat Judicial Magistrate Jam Saka on Friday evening.

Balochistan Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani said the kidnappers had freed Jam Saka near Ziarat Cross after three days of keeping him in captivity.

“The judicial magistrate is safe and sound. He has been shifted to Quetta,” Durrani said.

The motive behind the kidnapping is yet to be confirmed. However, the officials were reluctant to comment over the method adopted for the release of judicial magistrate by his captors.

Armed militants had kidnapped Jam Saka near Ziarat-Pishin crossing when he was coming to Quetta from the tourist town of Balochistan. The kidnappers had freed the driver and security guard of Jam Saka near Syed Hameed Cross area of Killa Abdullah district.