Emma Watson mastering riding for Queen of the Tearling


Emma Watson is going to be given a crash course in horse riding, knife skills and sword fighting for ‘The Queen of the Tearling’.

The 24-year-old actress has been cast as heroine Kelsea Glynn in the upcoming filmadaptation of Erika Johansen’s action novel and it’s now been revealed she’s being fully trained to do all of her own stunts in the fantasy movie.
As well as the ‘Harry Potter’ star learning how to saddle up, she will receive several weeks of combat training, knife work and swordsmanship.
She will also be trained in snaring rabbits and climbing trees, according to the Daily Mailnewspaper.
The film will establish Emma as fearless Kelsea, who is removed from her home aged 19 to take her place as ruler of a fictional post-utopian country with dark secrets.
Much like ‘The Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence, Watson will be stripped of make-up and transformed into a more realistic, athletic heroine.
One of her co-stars told the paper: ”With Emma, it’s hard to be that plain, but she’ll be playing someone who has a physicality.”
The screenplay is being penned by ‘The Revenant’ writer Mark L. Smith and David Heyman is set toact as producer while a director has yet to be chosen.
Warner Bros. are said to have snapped up the rights to the ‘Tearling’ trilogy in a bid to turn it into thenext must-see young adult fantasy franchise.