CJ inaugurates Supreme Court Museum





Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani inaugurated the Supreme Court Museum established at Supreme Court on Thursday.

The chief justice along with other judges also visited the museum wherein belongings of retired judges were kept.

Supreme Court Museum was a brain child of Jillani “the gentleman judge” famous for his mild manner. Justice Jillani, a dapper lover of poetry and antiques; inspired and guided the development of the Supreme Court Museum throughout the project. He dreamt of a museum that reflected his deep regard for supremacy of law and justice in Pakistan.


  1. Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Tassaduq Hussain Gillani is a thorough Gentleman Justice of the Apex Court Of this Country Pakistan his tenure as Chief Justice of Pakistan will be memorable and unforgettable. The thing which is pertinent to mention here is that the unforeseen act as CJP will be appreciated in the near future. God bless him and bound us to act as he said in his speech delivered to the Honourable Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan on the farewell dinner.

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