Buksh Foundation represents Pakistan’s Energy dilemma at UN Summit


Buksh Foundation, in its pursuit of provision of energy solutions to impoverished communities of Pakistan, represented the Country at the UN Foundation- 1stSustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) forum, an initiative to mobilize action from all sectors of society to realize sustainable energy for all by 2030.

Fiza Farhan participated on behalf of Buksh Foundation at the Summit. The forum invited practitioners from all over the world striving to make energy accessible to all throughout the world. UN Foundation-SE4ALL has three goals: access, efficiency and renewable energy to create an impact at the global level and also to recognize that access to modern affordable energy services in developing countries was essential for the achievement of internationally agreed development goals.

Fiza Farhan, CEO-Buksh Foundation, while representing Pakistan at the forum “stressed the importance of the Network in working with private sector foundations to leverage more public financing for energy access, adding that understanding market dynamics and giving investors what they need buys a solution. She further talked about how Renewable energy is becoming increasingly cost competitive therefore, the key to catalyze investment is through the provision of innovative and sustainable models attracting all diversified national and international donors”