President signs Anti Terrorism Amendment Act 2014


President Mamnoon Hussain has signed Anti Terrorism Amendment Act 2014 which entitles a police officer of grade-17 or an officer of equivalent rank from the armed forces and civil armed forces or duty magistrate to order to shoot.

The act has provided legal standing to the federal government and civil armed forces to keep in custody for 90 days those involved in terrorism, target killing, kidnapping for ransom and extortion.

Following the approval of the act from the National Assembly and Senate and signature of the president, a formal notification of the act has been issued.

Per the act, security agencies will be authorised to shoot the person only when they suspect that the respective person can cause harm to anyone’s life.

It will be binding on the head of the respective law enforcement agency to hold a departmental enquiry in case someone is killed or injured due to firing by any security agency personnel.

Medical check up facility will also be extended to the person who is taken into custody under this act.

A joint investigation team comprising armed forces, civil armed forces, intelligence agencies and police will be set up in connection with the enquiry of the person taken into custody.

The person who is taken into custody will be handed over to police officer of the specific police station set up in every district.

It will be binding on the Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) constituted under Anti Terrorism (amendment) Act to hold hearing of the case on a day to day basis and decide the case within a week.

If the case is not disposed of within a week then the matter will be brought to the notice of the chief justice of the respective high court for further orders.

A specific screen will be used for the security of judges, witnesses and prosecutors. Video link will also be arranged for holding trial in jail premises.

The investigation officer who conducts good investigation will be awarded and the investigation officer concerned will be convicted and sentenced to two years in prison in case anyone is taken into custody under malafide intent or false allegations.

The act declares evidence based on electronic, forensic and modern devices acceptable.

The federal government has been authorised to transfer the case running in the ATC from one province to another province with the consent of the chief justice of the respective high court, keeping in view security of judges, witnesses or prosecutors.


  1. by enforcing this act govt is giving free hand to already corrupt and beyond accountability police departement ultimate freedom to do whatever they want, who will be responsible for the human rights violations that our security are already notorios for… will add to the sufferings of lay man and tyranny of affulents…why nobody is raising vioce against it

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