Opposition making issue of non-issue matters: Rana Mashhood


Opposition parties are making an issue out of non-issue matters to polish their politics when country needs unity, said Punjab law minister Rana Mashhood while talking to journalists on Wednesday.

Mashhood said that the country is passing through the most difficult times of its history.

He said Pakistan army is fighting decisive war against terrorists to save country’s existence and independence.

Rana said hundreds and thousands displaced persons who have left their homes for national security, need nation’s attention but the political parties are dividing people.

He said we need unity to take on challenges faced by the country.

The minister said that the Punjab government and Sharif brothers are taking personal interest in the IDPs, adding that Sharif brothers donated Rs 100 million alone for IDPs.

Talking about Minhaj incident, the successor of Rana Sanaullah, said that Qadri, Imran Khan, Chaudhry brothers and Sheikh Rashid are political orphans and wanted to play political game over dead bodies.

He said judicial inquiry is underway therefore opposition’s demand for resignation of CM Shahbaz Sharif was not fair, adding that these political parties are working to destabilize democracy in the country.