NAB recovers Rs13 million from Balochistan


The Enforcement Wing of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan has recovered Rs 13 million through voluntary return (VR) and plea bargain (PB) from accused involved in different corruption cases.

The amount has been recovered during the first quarter of 2014 and surpasses the amount recovered during the previous year.

NAB Balochistan Director General (DG) Syed Khalid Iqbal said, “We had only eight officers in Balochistan to cover the entire province in 2013. Now, NAB has recruited 300 officials, of which 45 are for Balochistan, and they helped us to expand the network of accountability.”

According to reports, NAB Balochistan has recovered Rs 10 million looted money through VR and Rs 3 million through PB from January till March 2014.

“PB does not mean that NAB bargains with the accused for its own interests. To avoid the long legal procedure, we prefer PB and receive no less than the embezzled amount,” said the NAB DG.

He said that PB is done with people involved in corruption under the provision of section 25-A and 25-B on the basis of proof found against them.

“Those involved in misappropriation are not only sacked from government service but are also disqualified from contesting elections,” he said, adding that besides the misappropriated money, a 15 percent fine is also recovered from the person responsible.

Khalid said that NAB was continuing actions without sustaining any pressure, for the elimination of the menace of corruption form the society.

He said that if people wanted to eliminate corruption from the society, they should cooperate with NAB for legal action against those accused of corruption.